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Your so-called children lie, the truth is that we used to think of Sohu – mother, the child is naive, pure and innocent, not so many complicated things in their mind, see what you say, love will not speak it out, don’t feel reluctant to face each other and even children and even the "Emperor’s new clothes" dare to speak it out, so that they will not lie. So, sometimes, we speak to the child will believe. However, this is not the case. Piaget said: the tendency to lie is a natural tendency, it is so spontaneous, so common, we can regard it as a basic component of children’s self-centered thinking. According to Stern, a German child psychologist, children are not able to state facts until they are 7-8 years old. They don’t want to cheat, they don’t even know what they’re doing, they just distort the facts. This kind of lying is not related to the moral idea of our adults, but the only way for the development of children’s psychology. On the one hand, their experience and memory, will the wrong interpretation of an event, will in order to win the attention and loved ones as a "Fabrication" on the other hand, their thinking is self centered, in order to achieve their own purposes and regardless of the truth, that parents do not know, what is not big not. For example, in life, often broken the vase or the cup, they will say that this is a small cat and dog broke, and will not admit that they broke, in order to protect themselves. Of course, since they can’t tell the difference between "truth" and "lie", they don’t understand the importance of telling the truth. Therefore, parents pay attention to, when the children tell lies, do not rush to criticize and correct the child. First, we must understand that the child is now in the age stage, and then use the right way to guide the child, standing on the child’s point of view for the child to think about, to see if the child said, is there any reason for him. Here the author gave some suggestions: 1, when parents when children lie in order to avoid blame, parents pay attention not to rush to refute, but to give him some time and space, let him help clean up the mess, will focus his attention on the event itself. 2, parents should be with their children in the family to create a warm atmosphere, so that children understand that even their own disaster, to tell the truth, and will not bring disaster to him. 3, when the child is sure to tell the truth no harm, they will instinctively prefer to be an honest man. 4, to explore the truth of the child is actually a skill, your attitude, tone, tone will affect the child’s answer. 5, if the child often found lying, then, in the criticism of the child, the parents first reflect on: is not too harsh on the child? Usual practice is not to let the child feel the necessity of lying? 6, when the child lied to admit the truth, no matter how serious the incident, please be careful not to punish him, because encourage children to have honest.相关的主题文章: