You don’t even know the real Jobs-doat

You don’t know the real Jobs the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) agency column and the island are Steamed Buns excerpts from "Jobs" author Brent Shi LAN Derek Jo Busby tetzeli we read in any other articles in the image are more complex, more human, more sentimental and even smarter. Jobs’s life is inspiring, but also full of contradictions of human nature. Jobs waved to the audience at the iPad2 conference in March 2, 2011. This is the last conference attended by Jobs, who died 7 months later. "Apple is like a burning house." In 1996, Fred Anderson at Apple headquarters, as the chief financial officer took office, he found that the Apple Corp is a mess, the first quarter loss of nearly $750 million, the product line disorderly expansion of the sharp decline in sales, such as inventory, even worse is that Apple seems to have lost the extraordinary charm of the past 20 years. In the previous three years, Apple’s board of directors has fired the CEO of any of the two, while the CEO has hired a bankruptcy consultant, is considering filing for bankruptcy. They need a CEO to turn the tide, they called the apple has been banished for 10 years Jobs. The summer of 2005, Apple Corp started to recover, Jobs also once again to fame, he is no longer a wunderkind and a rapid decline of genius, but the return of the king. Jobs began to forget the gods, mass great idealist youth committed mix, all the shortcomings exposed in the failure of APPLE III and Lisa computer project, with numerous partners expelled close cooperation relations and fall apart founded the company for ten years. Supported by neat tools and great notions of idealism no matter what the environment, Jobs is an outstanding performer, he has a superior ability of thinking and impromptu speech, can always seize every chance to sell the company. He is also the focus of media reports with pictures, typesetting and layout, because he believes that good visual effects contribute to the transmission of information. "His lines are actually carefully designed, but on stage it makes the audience feel that it is improvisation……" Bill, who took part in the apple conference several times, commented on the performance of Mr Jobs by the way of the performance of the company’s performance, such as Apple’s. Jobs’s lectures have been carefully choreographed, 2010 iPad conference is even more so. The comfortable arrangement on the stage highlights the simplicity of the iPad operation. However, Jobs’s speech on the sofa also shows that he is not in good health.   product rehearsal before the conference is always tense atmosphere. On February 2001, the day before the exhibition organized by the Tokyo MAC address Jobs and the head of marketing Phil Schiller is waiting for a problem. The day before the exhibition held in Tokyo in 2001 was Jobs Macintosh, review of the speech. Jobs revolutionized the introduction of new products. "He’s like a circus owner," he said相关的主题文章: