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Yu Xu school 3000 students held a special ceremony original title: special flag raising ceremony of Yu Xu alma mater 3000 teachers and students to participate in mourning Congress Yu Xu’s portrait was placed in front of King Yin on November 14th at 7:40 in the morning, in the morning, the solemn national anthem, through the gray mist, spread to every corner of the Chongqing middle school. This is the beginning of a new day, falls on a Monday, a new start and a week. Chongqing middle school with a special flag raising ceremony Memorial rose air – Yu Xu. The flag raising ceremony is only one theme: tribute to Yu Xu. President Ren Yongkang wrote in his eulogy: like many young girl, she has a lot of rosy dreams: artist, stewardess, astronaut…… Today, in the Chongzhou times this has created Chinese Red Army first pilot hero of Long Wenguang land, because the left more than Asahi sonorous rose, the same. 670 thousand people in Chongzhou with the sad, sad with Chongqing middle school! Teachers and students three minutes of silence mourning everything in good order and well arranged to carry out. First of all, with the national anthem, the red flag rose slowly in the morning mist, wind drift. Vice President He Li presided over the ceremony, the 3000 teachers and students of the school introduced the life of Yu Xu. Subsequently, President Ren Yongkang eulogy, student representatives have done more than learning to speak to the hero asahi. The teachers and students three minutes of silence, finally, the students came to the Jing Yin House, flowers to Yu Xu’s portrait. King Yin on the ground floor, Yu Xu’s picture is enlarged to a meter high. In the photo, she is a military uniform, smiles looked at you, as if you leave before takeoff and. In the past, Yu Xu brought good news to the school, especially inspiring. For example, she will report to the teacher, she participated in the 60 anniversary of National Day parade style, she attended the Zhuhai airshow, she became the four female pilots of China J-10, etc.. Now, in the face of everyone, only a smiling photo. Vice President He Li presided over the ceremony and three minutes of silence "the sacrifice of Yu Xu let the school lost a good student, let Chongzhou lost a good children, let the country lost a good pilot." Said the WCC reporter, Ren Yongkang accepted the cover news – Yu Xu, is engaged in the occupation on the tip of the dance, her dream in the sky, her spirit is worth learning of teachers and students. So, the school prepared for this special flag raising ceremony. "We are proud of her, proud of her, her body is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of sacrifice, the spirit of courage and courage to go on." Ren Yongkang said that these days, the big picture greeted her children came to mourn her children, until her ashes were buried in Chongzhou and then removed the school. Her story will be written into the history of Chongqing middle school. Primary school graduated from primary school (the original is Shunan Street Primary School junior high school graduation (Chongqing) affiliated middle school junior high school, the 3 row from left fifth for the Yu Xu graduated from high school in 2005 (4) a row from left to seventh Yu Xu) of Yongkang for Yu Xu to write a eulogy long day tears   earth with grief — in commemoration of the eagle, Chongzhou in November 2016 Yu Xu Chong Tianjiao Jun classmates相关的主题文章: