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Yuanwang 5: prepare the original title as "Tiangong two" sea control: do Yuanwang 5: prepare for September 14th "Tiangong two" sea control well, "Tiangong two" space laboratory launch date approaching, undertake maritime monitoring mission of the Yuanwang 5 ship has arrived in the mission area fully prepared. China News Agency reporter Yin Shaopeng photo Beijing, the Pacific Ocean on 15 September, (Chen Guoling Wei Long) Temple No. two, near the sea launch space lab, undertake monitoring mission of the Yuanwang 5 ship has arrived in the mission area fully prepared. The ship’s captain Li Haihong 15, told reporters, Yuanwang 5 ship as an important part of aerospace measurement and control system, monitoring and communication tasks at sea in the Pacific Ocean in the Tiangong two space laboratory will be single ship. In mid August, Yuanwang 5 ship successfully completed the "day star No. 01" sea control task, return Chinese satellite Maritime Tracking and control department rest pier. Half a month later, the ship set sail again, and a voyage will perform 6 missions Tiangong two "etc.. Li Haihong said that the task of terminal short preparation time, rest pressure and equipment maintenance personnel, technical preparation time, the difficulties it is self-evident. He said, arrived in the mission sea, Yuanwang 5 ships have the equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, and the task of sea current velocity and direction, wind direction, wind and other environmental investigation, to verify the accuracy of measurement and control scheme, plan, the simulation has been carried out in everything in good order and well arranged. At present, the ship power, control and communication system is working properly, stable performance, physical and psychological tests is also the best state, "we have the ability and confidence to complete the Tiangong two space lab mission at sea." Li Haihong said. Yuanwang 5 ship is the third generation of space China oceangoing vessel, had successfully completed the Shenzhou seven, Shenzhou eight, Shenzhou nine and Shenzhou ten, Tiangong-1 cross docking 4 manned space engineering task. (end)相关的主题文章: