Yuho launched a new motorcycle in Taiwan – room service-vidalia

Yuho launched a new motorcycle room service – Xinhua news agency, Taipei, November 15 in Taiwan (reporter Zhao Bo Li Kai) 15, yuho (Uber) launched the "UberEATS" locomotive in Taipei (motorcycle) room service. Excellent step with local management "wits" upgrade. Yuho called Taiwan bikers joined the room service, "stated conditions are 19 years of age, have a driver’s license, locomotive in 15 years, carrying 15 kilograms of goods. Taipei has more than 100 restaurants with excellent step to carry out cooperation, many consumers in an interview, said that if the charges are reasonable, willing to try. According to reports, the room service has been in New York, Losangeles, Paris, Melbourne and other city enabled. However, the Taiwan traffic department, "UberEATS" is not applied for the automobile industry, in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, can be fined 5 to 100 thousand yuan (NT, the same below). Taiwan Highway Administration will conduct the actual inspection, and collect evidence of illegal delivery procedures. The head of the Department said that the tube, tax and passenger insurance, the Department will never give up the bottom line, it will not be tailored for the best step new regulations. Excellent step in Taiwan to carry out business, has been classified as illegal business, but there is no effective management of Taiwan related management measures. Taiwan Highway Administration statistics show that as of November 12th, the company on the merits of the amount of driving and fined 80 million 70 thousand yuan, but still can not stop the momentum of its development. In order to cope with the excellent step and the impact of the regulation of the market, Taiwan Department of transportation at the end of October through the diversification of taxi regulations amendment. According to regulations, taxi prices will return to the market diversification mechanism ", by the association to set their own, four above the door sedan, including SUVs, vans can apply as a diversified taxi, but the body is not yellow to distinguish them from the general taxi (body yellow), cannot be set on top of the car. In addition, the diversification of customer needs by taxi or special appointment scheduling, not on the road tour showmanship. According to reports, the diversified taxi program is expected to be the first in Kaohsiung, Taipei and other cities to take the lead in the implementation of the first version of the Taiwan authorities in charge of public transport vehicles called APP will be released in the first half of next year.相关的主题文章: