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A knife cut fast speed zero error of every man should have zero error speed fast operation of this classic version of black carbide blade 0350 models is one of the most ZT fans love styles, black tungsten carbide coating, performed using S30V top steel, but after tungsten carbide coating + black coating can be washed. To eliminate the reflection, but after stone washing could hide knife after use traces, and more resistant to wear; the black anti slip lines G-10 handle, the handle material has excellent anti-skid capability and strength, even in the harshest environment. There are two steel liner, ensure sufficient strength; using SPEEDSAFE speed power ZT patent quick opening system, as long as the single hand push blade more than 20 degrees, in the auxiliary power system under the action of the rest of the automatic bounce. The whole design of the knife four pocket clip, pocket clip with steel materials, the same through the black stone washing treatment, surface scratch resistant; no matter who can find the right hand carrying the position right. ZT is the abbreviation of " Zero Tolerance" meaning "zero error"". The brand name appeal product in the design, manufacturing process and function application, have reached "zero error, zero missing" perfect state. As a result of the manual workmanship, ZT came out soon after the advent of the tool industry.

零误差极速快开刀 每个男人都应该拥有的一把刀 零误差极速快开刀   此款经典版碳化黑刃0350型号是最受ZT迷喜欢的款式之一,黑色碳化钨涂层,主刀采用S30V顶级钢材制作,但经过了碳化钨涂层+石洗处理,黑色涂层可以消除反光,而石洗处理之后可以隐藏刀刃使用后留下的痕迹,而且更耐磨损;采用黑色防滑纹路G-10手柄,这种手柄材质具有极好的防滑能力和强度,即便是在最恶略的环境下。内有双钢衬,保证足够的强度;采用ZT专利的 SPEEDSAFE 极速助力快开系统,只要单手推动刀刃超过20度以后,在辅助助力系统的作用下,剩下的部分自动弹开。整刀设计有四个口袋夹位置,口袋夹采用钢制材料,同样经过黑色石洗处理,表面更耐划痕;不论左右手人士均可找到合适的携带位置。   ZT是 "Zero Tolerance" 的缩写,意为“零误差”。这个品牌名称诉求产品在设计方面、制造过程与功能应用方面,都达到“零誤差、零缺失”的完美境界。由于有着手工版的做工品质,ZT一经问世,便很快在刀具界异军突起。相关的主题文章: