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Zhang Xuhao didn’t want to clear the social entrepreneurship reflection: the same thing, now leading opponents to catch Sina Liu Anni hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao in Shanghai recently talked about their internal meeting since eight years of business experience. At the same time, the United States and the United States for the acquisition of rumors Baidu takeaway and hungry Mody 3? 15 events for their own changes, have expressed their feelings. The following is the sina science and technology report: on the hungry Mody: hungry registered company, each time a name once, because we innovate, the name is very strange." Zhang Xuhao said, hungry has experienced several whole technology in the wave of major nodes, such as the earliest is calling, back to the PC ordering, and later the mobile end ordering, now VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), artificial intelligence. "I think every wave of forward development in promoting the industry, although when our business is also very hard, but I think the real in each of our business growth occurs when major nonlinear, are in fact behind the wave of technology in promoting, invisible push us up." Zhang Xuhao believes that to do great things, there is a small entry point. The hungry is the starting point of innovation, recall the experience of previous competitors, Zhang Xuhao believes that technological innovation and business model innovation is not to support the foundation of the hungry. He looked hungry in the past, the fact that hungry like playing games like Daguai before, many competitors, and then came to a road, now finally can match with BAT positive about the competition: "beauty is a follow-up strategy, through the operation after striking. This is its DNA, not ours. We must continue to innovate." Zhang Xuhao said that we must through innovation and technology to create the world’s leading platform for life. This is our way of doing things, if you have no innovation, no innovation and business model innovation, science and technology on innovation, organization, various forms of innovation are not, I believe you are hungry can not meet the demand for talent development in the future. Innovation is our bones of things. For the United States, the United States, Zhang Xuhao that, in fact, the United States more than the group’s strategy is to follow up the strategy, from all walks of life are to follow up, from the previous school network ah, this is the depth of replication. But I do not evaluate this strategy is good or bad, I think some of the strategies is actually very good, it is through the operation to make up, striking. On the "3? 15": "Internet plus what? We are + food, the focus is not on the Internet, in food. This is the biggest change in my values since 3 to 15." Zhang Xuhao admitted that 3 – 15 for me the biggest feeling is that my values have changed. "We call Internet plus. Internet plus what? We are now + food, in fact, the focus is not on the Internet, may be above the food. This is the biggest change in my values. Because the user has a guarantee of food safety, takeaway quality improvement, is the best user experience." About hungry!相关的主题文章: