Zhangzhou, a woman for acne beauty salons inject facial ulceration, deformation, disfigurement-synnex

A woman in Zhangzhou for acne beauty salons injection facial ulcers deformation was diagnosed with MS had disfigured "allergic dermatitis until yesterday, and from Ms. Zeng has been at home for 2 months: the company not to go, colleagues not see friends about…… Originally, the past two months, Ms. Tsang began to face crazy long pox, also send pus pus, ulceration, face itch to insomnia, numbness of facial muscles atrophy, resulting in the left face askew, and even laughing". Arch-criminal caused by this phenomenon, Ms. crying is beauty shop boss to her face in a shot "Shuiguang needle" caused by". Event: a "Shuiguang needle"   facial ulcers deformation in June this year, Ms. Tsang introduced by a friend, to the Century Square in Zhangzhou city called a "next Fulai" beauty shop to do skin care. In August 8th, the shop owner Zhang Mouping’s recommendation, she had an injection needle shuiguang". A few days later, her face began to appear muscle numbness, facial asymmetry, eating leakage phenomenon. "Husband, colleagues say I did not even laugh, laughing." Ms. Zeng said. Ms. Zhang Mouping to explain, in order to achieve better effect in the acne, to have "Lady injection water needle" by adding some "Botox" drug ingredients, the reaction is normal, one month after the botulinum toxin slowly out of resolve will be good. However, after a month, Ms. Zeng’s face is not improved, but began to fester pus at night, "is tickled can’t sleep sleep, my entire people quickly collapsed". 2 months later, the situation is more serious in the face. In her request, Zhang Mouping to accompany her to the PLA 175th hospital inspection, the diagnosis results: facial damage allergic dermatitis, acne, left. In this regard, Zhang Mouping said, in order to let Ms. reach the effect of acne, call her "Shuiguang needle" treatment with botulinum toxin composition, but this is normal, she is operated according to the normal procedure. As for the adverse reactions caused by Ms., is composed of "Shuiguang needle" caused by, or their own reasons, is not clear. If it is a beauty shop due to improper operation, who can come up with evidence, through legal procedures, she is willing to assume responsibility. That is the illegal practice of   can be added; the alarm processing components of botulinum toxin "Shuiguang needle" in the end what is the use? A hospital in Zhangzhou, a doctor, and botulinum toxin "Shuiguang needle" is generally used for muscle relaxation effect, remove wrinkles, hyperhidrosis, with long, muscle atrophy, play a role in a face lift and some will be caused by the blockage of blood vessels, such as insomnia. "Shuiguang needle ‘generally does not cause acne, for Ms. the situation, she may be allergic to botulinum toxin, may also be the instrument does not pass cause infection, cause allergic dermatitis." The Herald reporter’s request, Zhang Mouping produced a temporary health permit, permit time for September 13, 2016 to December 12, 2016. The business license and the "practice license of medical institution", is unable to provide. Zhangzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said, as long as it is in the operation of the store, to apply for business plans 漳州一女子为祛痘美容院打针 脸部溃烂变形毁容 ▲曾女士被诊断为过敏性皮炎   直到昨日,来自平和的曾女士已经窝在家里2个月了:公司不去,同事不见,朋友不约……原来,近两个月来,曾女士的脸上开始疯狂长痘,还发脓流脓,出现溃疡,脸痒到失眠,脸部肌肉也麻木萎缩,致使左边脸部歪斜,甚至“笑不起来了”。   而造成这种现象的罪魁祸首,曾女士哭诉是“美容店老板往她脸部打了一针‘水光针’所致”。   事件:打了“水光针” 脸部溃烂变形   今年6月起,曾女士经朋友介绍,开始到漳州市区世纪广场一家名为“翌芙莱”的美容店做护肤。8月8日,在店老板张某萍的推荐下,她注射了一针“水光针”。几天后,她的脸部竟开始出现肌肉麻木、脸部歪斜、吃东西外漏的现象。“老公、同事都说我连笑都不自然,笑不起来了。”曾女士说。   张某萍向曾女士解释,为了达到更好的祛痘效果,在给曾女士注射的这支“水光针”中加入了些许“肉毒素”药物成分,有这些反应是正常的,过一个月,肉毒素慢慢排解出来就会好了。   然而,一个月后,曾女士的脸部并没好转,而是开始发脓溃烂,“一到晚上更是痒得睡不着觉,我整个人都快崩溃了”。   2个月后,脸部情况更加严重了。在曾女士的要求下,张某萍陪她到解放军第175医院做检查,诊断结果为:过敏性皮炎、痤疮、左侧面肌损害。   对此,张某萍说,为了让曾女士达到祛痘的效果,给她打“水光针”治疗,加了肉毒素成分,但这很正常,她是按正常程序操作的。至于曾女士所产生的不良反应,是由打“水光针”引起,还是其自身的原因,还不清楚。如果是美容店操作不当导致,曾女士可以拿出证据,通过法律程序解决,她愿意承担责任。   说法:属非法行医 可报警处理   加了肉毒素成分的“水光针”到底有何用处?漳州一家三甲医院一医生介绍,加肉毒素的“水光针”有松弛肌肉作用,一般用于去皱纹、治疗多汗症,用久的话,肌肉会萎缩,起到瘦脸作用,有的还会引起血管堵塞、失眠等。“‘水光针’一般不会引起痤疮,对于曾女士出现的情况,可能是她对肉毒素过敏,也可能是器械不过关引起感染,导致过敏性皮炎。”   在导报记者的要求下,张某萍出示了一张临时卫生许可证,办证时间为2016年9月13日至2016年12月12日。而营业执照和“医疗机构执业许可证”,则无法提供。   漳州市工商局有关负责人表示,只要是在经营的店面,都要办理营业执照,并上墙悬挂,否则就是无证经营,市民可拨打12315举报,他们将前往查处。   而漳州市芗城区卫生和计划生育局一负责人表示,美容店还需办理“医疗机构执业许可证”,如果没办理属于非法执业行医,如造成他人器官伤害的,可报警处理。如果需要卫计局协助调查的,他们也会跟民警一同前往。   导报记者 林晓琪 见习记者 叶蔚蓉文 图相关的主题文章: