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Zhejiang and the age difference of 71 years old children in school parents Jutan (Figure) – Sohu news 84 year old father Zhang Youfu, the son of Zhang’s 13 year old son, age gap of 71 years. Zhejiang Pujiang County Puyang Street Shima village, the father and son, worried. Some people say that three years is a generation gap. So, Zhang Youfu and his two sons have a whole 23 generation gap. And the 23 generation gap has become a "chasm" that cannot be crossed, between father and son. Pujiang County Puyang Street Shima village Zhang Youfu married than their nearly 30 year old wife Zhang Liangping at the age of 70, and successively gave birth to two sons of Zhang and Zhang team. Now, Zhang is 14, Zhang is 13 years old, and Zhang Youfu is 84 years old. Yesterday, the reporter saw Zhang Youfu family four crowded in the 10 square meters of the hut, only two beds and a small TV, the annual income of less than 2000 yuan. Zhang Youfu lived in hospital 5 times this year, the body is getting more and more, and even stand up all have some difficulties. When we wake up at midnight, watching the 84 year old Zhang Youfu slept two young children in the next bed, my heart always say a taste. Happy is that the old son came; and have qualified successors, sad is left on their own, after young children how to face the unknown life. He doesn’t know, next to the bed, the two son of the heart, in fact it is not a knot. A team in the Pujiang County Puyang five school, the teacher said, he is a shy and sensitive child, parents never mentioned, unwilling to communicate with other children. Puyang five principal fee law told reporters that this is his 30 years of teaching career in the largest family age gap between father and son. It’s the age gap that keeps the child hiding in his own shell. Zhang Department said his wish is to become a director, can make money and honor their parents; and Zhang’s wish is to become a doctor, so that parents can no longer pain and suffering. And the reality is, they talk to their father every day, no more than three sentences, on the bubble box written homework, closed in their own world.

浙江父子年龄相差71岁 孩子在校拒谈父母(图)-搜狐新闻   84岁的父亲张有富,13岁的儿子张队,父子年龄相差整整71岁。浙江浦江县浦阳街道石马村这对父子,令人牵挂。   有人说,三年就是一个代沟。那么,张有富和他的两个儿子有整整23个代沟。而这23个代沟,变成了无法跨越的“鸿沟”,横亘在父子之间。   浦江县浦阳街道石马村的张有富在70岁时娶了比自己小近30岁的妻子张良苹,并先后生下了两个儿子张部和张队。如今,张部14岁,张队13岁,而张有富已经84岁了。   昨天,记者看到张有富一家四口挤在10平方米不到的小屋里,只有两张床和一台小电视机,全年经济收入不足2000元。张有富今年住了5次医院,身体越来越吃不消了,连站起来都有些吃力。   每当午夜梦醒,84岁的张有富看着睡在隔壁床上的两个幼子,心里总是有说不出的滋味。开心的是,老来得子,后继有人;而忧愁的是,自己离开之后,年幼的孩子该如何面对未知的人生。他不知道,隔壁床上,两个儿子心中,其实也有说不出的心结。   张队在浦江县浦阳五小上学,老师说,他是一个腼腆而敏感的孩子,从不提及父母,不愿与其他孩子交流。浦阳五小的校长费有法告诉记者,这是他30多年教学生涯中遇到父子年龄差距最大的家庭。正是年龄的差距,让孩子总是躲在自己的“壳”里。   张部说自己的愿望是成为一个导演,可以赚钱孝敬父母;而张队的愿望是成为一名医生,可以让父母不再受病痛折磨。而现实却是,他们每天和父亲讲话不超过三句,在泡沫纸盒上写着作业,封闭在自己的世界里。相关的主题文章: