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Zhu Fangyu: like a test entry exam is Beijing time in September 7th a small part in basketball training, CBA test test in southern Sichuan golden strong basketball training base. The Guangdong men’s basketball team veteran Zhu Fangyu said, as a test entry exam, only a small part in basketball training. This year’s return run to the last round, has 33 year old veteran Zhu Fangyu said, obviously feel more difficult than in previous years. "Feel more tired than last year, this year the feeling is quite obvious, I am also very aware of their own body, running in four groups, the last group is a bit difficult, need willpower, bite it through." Zhu Fangyu said. Now more of Guangdong’s young players, there are a lot of players from the youth team up, as a veteran, Zhu Fangyu also in the in vivo test teaching experience for them. "In training, I speak with young players, their physical fitness is not a problem, but in the test environment, so the multimedia, they will give their pressure. I’ll make fun of them and let them relax. I always told them you were so young, worried about what to do and how to worry about shooting." When asked what the most difficult test project, Zhu Fangyu said with a smile of others is the most difficult shot, and his strength is more difficult to test. "For me the strength of the lower limbs is the most difficult, because there are injuries to the legs and waist, but for others it is difficult to shoot. Back run is based on the actual CBA players to develop, most people can pass. The shooting test of the time, the number of shots, hit rate are required, I think it would be difficult for the average player, of course, I have no problem." For the CBA test, Zhu Fangyu also expressed his opinions. "The test is only one aspect of basketball consideration, I think the basketball project is a lot of change, not only has a couple of items, this is just a small part of the basketball training also contains a lot of. Not only is this practice has said several. If I can’t pass the test, to play in the league I don’t hope that what has been reported, as a test entry exam, if I pass the test piece, how can I prepare the League behind to help the team through their own efforts?" (Wu?)相关的主题文章: