Zuckerberg in the past 1 months to sell $300 million Facebook stock-yo te amo

Zuckerberg over the past 1 months sold $300 million shares of Facebook Recode Chinese station reported in September 14th the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents released Tuesday show, Facebook CEO and Mark · Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) sold Facebook shares nearly 300 million dollars a month in the past, including the past few days sold $95 million shares. Documents show that over the past week, according to the 10b5-1 trading plan, Zuckerberg sold about 742 thousand shares of Facebook shares. The purpose of the 10b5-1 program is to avoid insider trading. This is the third time since mid August, Zuckerberg sold $95 million shares. Zuckerberg’s future is likely to continue to maintain the pace of such shares. For Facebook investors, this is not an accident. Zuckerberg previously announced that it will donate most of the shares held by Facebook in life. The documents show that these shares are part of the plan. For most people, $95 million is a lot of money. However, this is only a small part of Zuckerberg’s wealth and holdings. Zuckerberg still holds more than 400 million shares of Facebook It is not clear how Zuckerberg will use the money. (compiled by Li Wei) [U.S. Recode works related to the rights of Chinese owned by Tencent Inc exclusive. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: