Zuckerberg Sun family portrait as a Viking dog again to steal the spotlight kisstudou

Zuckerberg Sun family portrait as a Viking dog again Qiangjing TechWeb11 reported on 4 of the open in foreign countries, as if everyone is the master Cosplay Facebook CEO, which also includes the Zuckerberg family. In the past Halloween, Zuckerberg put on a new family portrait, his wife and eleven month old daughter, and faithful dog together, dressed as Vikings (or the Vikings) won the praise of numerous. A Viking, a lamb and a lovely little Zuckerberg sun new family portrait as a sheep dog too lens in the comments area said Zuckerberg, this dress is inspired by the movie "Dragon Master", and they will really participate in the "trick or treat" the traditional project forward to knock on the door of the children of sugar. Zuckerberg said that the sugar is too funny photos, only eleven month old daughter Max was dressed as a dragon, the most eye-catching is dressed as a sheep dog Beast, actually obediently wearing a hat. But Zuckerberg said, Beast is not OK. Want to come in order to meet the owner of a swing. Facebook recently released third quarter earnings, excellent performance. However, due to the company’s future revenue growth is expected to slow down, resulting in the company’s share price fell 7%, affected by this, the net assets of small bundles within $3 billion 800 million to shrink $two. Share prices have gone up and down, Zuckerberg almost all of the assets donated, would not care about this. He said he has confidence in the future of control, Facebook has begun to double bet video live. (open air)相关的主题文章: